Your Carefully Curated Ethical Christmas List

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Your Carefully Curated Ethical Gift List

Christmas typically is a complete embodiment of excess. There is so much external pressure to dutifully celebrate this one magical time of the year, that we often end up overconsuming, overspending, and just generally going complete overkill with
anything green, red, or sparkly. 

Christmas traditions of meaningless gift exchanges, between coworkers or distant friends, leads to people buying more cheap and low quality products, just for the sake of it. Add in the wrapping paper, the gift bags and the bows and you might as well have parceled up every environmental problem we have in the world.  And that is before we even start looking at the impact of the shipping and postage involved in getting all these bargain, disposable gifts to their rightful recipients.

This year, why not cut out all the unnecessary glitz and glam, and stick to just giving sustainable, meaningful gifts to your nearest and dearest. We have highlighted some of our favourite products from small, independent brands, so that you can shop ethically and sustainably whilst also supporting up and coming businesses, rather than giving your money to the likes of e-tailer giants such as  Amazon and Asos. Help make somebody elses Christmas that bit more special by purchasing from their small brand!




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