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Sustainable talk with Marina Testino

We spoke with Marina Testino, one of the biggest referents about sustainable lifestyle and ethical fashion consumption.

Marina is wearing Mia Silk Scrunchie

In April 2018, she didn't leave Instagram users indifferent when she started a project called #OneDressToImpress. For two months, the influencer wore the same red suit to vindicate how unsustainable the fashion world is today. She wants to project a message of change and improvement about current fashion consumption.  

Marina considers herself as an artivist, she uses art and creativity as a way of expression, she communicates a message in favour of environmental and sustainable respect, as well as warning about the amount of waste the humans produce. 

Marina Testino via Instagram

At the time you opened your eyes and realized what was going on around you and you decided in April 2018, to dress for two months on Instagram with the same outfit (something never seen before), what motivated you to start that project and contribute to sustainable fashion. 

“I came to the realization that it’s possible to use your voice and to speak up for something you believe in and to drive change.  There was a shift in my priorities as I had interned at various jobs in the industry seeing where the industry was failing and unsustainable. When I started the project #OneDressToImpress the idea was to show that you don’t need to own lots of clothes and it is possible to extend the use and life of a garment by rethinking it.” 

With this initiative you want to say that you got rid of the prejudice about always wearing new clothes, but what advice would you give to people who haven't yet taken the plunge and still feel this pressure?

“I would say try this challenge! It will show you how you can do more with what you already own by forcing yourself to try new ways of wearing it. Another thing is to re-organize your wardrobe, a lot of times I find pieces I haven’t seen or worn in ages and I get excited about them again, it feels new!” 

Marina wearing Reveur silk mask 















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